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When you receive this LCD backpack, you need to use the software to set up your LCD backpack.

Step 1: Download and install ETV Server on your Windows computer

We need to install the ETV  server software, which needs to be installed on a Windows-based personal computer.  It is a background advertising release management software.

We can get the ETV server software from Google Drive:


If you have trouble setting up your  local ETV server, please contact us,  we can provide  our  ETV iCloud server for you to use, in this case  you don't need to setup your local ETV server.

Step 2: Download "EShare" APK

The "EShare" APP  is a App which is used to  real-time wireless sharing of smartphone/ipad screen  to LCD backpack.   

When we use mobile phones to conduct live broadcasts, such as the company's ongoing new product launch conference. We can use this human walking billboard advertising backpack to project live broadcast onto the backpack in real time. 

I believe this will be very useful for your company's business promotion.

Scan the QR code to download  "EShare" APP  

Watch the integrated video,:


we  cal aslo watch the sub-section  by  the following links:

Part 01 How to open the box and LCD backpack introduction


Part 02:  How to install the ETV server and make program


Part 03: How to set the network for LCD backpack and download the program


Part  04 Export program to U Disk and import to LCD backpack terminal


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