WiFi trouble


1. Root Cause:
Before we try to access the internet using the backpack, we need to configure the internet Wifi settings. But the backpack itself has a built-in Wifi hotspot, so we need to turn off the built-in Wifi hotspot of the backpack itself first, otherwise the two Wifi will cause conflicts.

2. How to fix

The steps are as follows:

Step 1Enter Homepage  -> open Magic Player APP

Step 2: Click the upper left corner five times to enter configuration mode          

Step 3:  Click WiFi Hotspot




Step 4: Close the build-in WiFi hotspot of the backpack.


Step 5:  Click Save button


Step 6Enter Homepage  -> Click Wi-Fi icon to configure WiFi connection to your home/office network



Step 7: Turn on Wi-Fi ,  then connect to your office/homes WiFi hotspot.  

LCD backpack can now connect to your office/home WiFi hotspot . It will be automatically disconnected anymore.


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